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Success Stories

Many productions have discovered the advantages of coming to Michigan. The production companies have been pleased with the results, and hundreds of residents, vendors and business owners have had positive experiences, also. Here are a few of their stories.



Even though the film is set primarily in Maine, Bosley decided to shoot the majority of the film in Southeast Michigan because of the talented cast and crew residing there. The film will star local actors such as Erika Hoveland, Grover McCants, Robin Silas, Tim Rugg, Scott "The Wall" Marlatt, Donavan Darius, Natalie Fagan, and Jennie Kahn-Jacques.

THE HOUSE, inspired by CITIZEN KANE and SIGNS, with their unique way of addressing their genres, is the story of a newlywed couple that is unexpectedly visited by the FBI. What develops is a story mixed with drama, suspense, and mystery as the wife must deal with her husband's past secrets and decide what and who to believe. THE HOUSE was Filmed in: Plymouth and Ypsilanti

To learn more about the film and Bosley's last film go to: www.thehousefilmproject.com

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