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Success Stories

Many productions have discovered the advantages of coming to Michigan. The production companies have been pleased with the results, and hundreds of residents, vendors and business owners have had positive experiences, also. Here are a few of their stories.


“There is so much talent here in Michigan, that it just made sense to keep all of the production here, including the post and musical score. I am very proud of the fact that this film was made completely in Michigan, by Michigan talent. What a testament to what Michigan has to offer. And what an opportunity we have to showcase what we can do together”

-- Amy Weber, Producer/Director


Annabelle & Bear is the dramatic, tender story of a man who finds himself suddenly thrust into fatherhood, and the unexpected journey that leads him to discover the life-altering love found in the heart of his little girl.

For More Information Visit: www.annabelleandbear.com

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Annabelle & Bear