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Success Stories

Many productions have discovered the advantages of coming to Michigan. The production companies have been pleased with the results, and hundreds of residents, vendors and business owners have had positive experiences, also. Here are a few of their stories.



Set in the world of Renaissance Faires - unique societies of actors, singers, glass-blowers, ale merchants, sword-smiths, and other crafts people dedicated to preserving the living memory of the golden age of the European Renaissance – “All's Faire in Love” is a film reminiscent of such successful films as “Shakespeare in Love” and “The Princess Bride.” The tale begins when college football star Will (Owen Benjamin) arrives at the "All's Faire in Love Renaissance Faire" to work off his class non-attendance obligation to Prof. Shockworthy (Cedric the Entertainer) by joining the rag-tag peasant Greenbriar Theater Troupe.

The same is true for Kate (Christina Ricci), an actress/performer who passed on an Investment Banker (Bill Engvall)’s offer to go join her cousin Jo (Louise Griffiths) at the Renaissance Faire to blossom on stage and in Will's heart. Will and Kate get the chance to prove themselves when the Faire's chief benefactress, the Queen (Ann-Margret), creates the ultimate competition to determine who will be a "Royal" and who will be a "Common Peasant," threatening to hand over the Troupe's most coveted Shakespearean stage at the Faire to a the treacherous and devious Troupe of Royals led by Rank (Chris Wylde). Will and Kate must overcome all manner of opposition and treachery to prove their worth, win the day, and perhaps... together ...fall in love.

Filmed at Mott Community College, the Patriot Football Stadium, and the Michigan Renaissance Festival in the cities of Flint and Holly, Michigan respectively, the movie is directed by Scott Marshall, written by Scott Marshall and Jeffrey Ray Wine based on a script by R. A. White, and produced by Michael Mendelsohn, Scott Reed, and Ron Singer. Release date is still to be announced.

For More Information go to www.allsfaireinlovefilm.com

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