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Workshops & Seminars

The following is a listing of all workshops and seminars that have been sent to the Michigan Film Office.

In order to teach a trade, occupation or vocation for a fee or consideration of any kind you must be licensed to operate a proprietary school by the Department of Energy, Labor and Economic Growth (Reference: MCL 395.101). We will not be posting training opportunities except from licensed providers. For more information please go to www.michiganps.net

The number of listings received by the Michigan Film Office daily precludes us from conducting a thorough review of the posting organization. These postings are a reference for local filmmakers, crew and actors. It is your responsibility to make sure the people involved in the notice you reply to are legitimate. The Michigan Film Office assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions. All information is the responsibility of the individual making the posting. Appearance on this website does not represent an endorsement by the Michigan Film Office staff.

To have your workshop or seminar posted, please email us at mfo@michigan.org

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    Sorry. No Workshops and Seminars found at this time.