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Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences Invites Film Festival Grant Applications


The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences is accepting applications for its Film Festival Grants program for nonprofit film festivals in the United States that will take place during the 2011 calendar year.

The Film Festival Grant program has awarded just under $4 million in total funding to film festivals since 1999. Grants totaling $450,000 were granted to twenty-four U.S. film festivals in 2009.

While the grants are awarded for a variety of programs, film festivals are encouraged to submit proposals that make festival events more accessible to the general public, provide greater access to minority and less visible filmmakers, and help strengthen the connection between the filmmaker and the public.

Only festivals based in the United States that have held at least five festivals as of December 31, 2009, are eligible to apply this year. Individual festivals are not allowed to receive grants in successive years. Festivals that do not screen films in a theatrical setting are not eligible to apply.

Eligible film festivals may apply for grants at four funding levels ranging from $2,500 to $30,000, depending on the cash budget of the festival. Grant requests must target one or more concrete elements within the festival. No grants will be awarded for general support.

Visit the academy's Web site for complete application information.

Contact: http://www.oscars.org/education-outreach/grants/filmfestival/index.html


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