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Welcome to the MFO Dashboard. This page is dedicated to transparency and ongoing detailed reporting. It is a goal of the Michigan Film Office to inform the public as to the continuing progress of the Michigan Film and Digital Media Incentive Program. We hope this helps to keep everyone up to date on how the program is moving forward for fiscal year 2014. 

 Test Dashboard Graphic 


Michigan Film Office 2014 Totals 


   Incentive Awarded  

   Incentive Disbursed    

FY 2012 - $25,000,000 



FY 2013 - $50,000,000 



  FY 2014 - $50,000,000  $63,761,132   $0 
FY 2015 - $50,000,000  $0  $0 

2015 Incentive Remaining:












Film Strip Line Break 




Michigan Film Office Project Break Down 

Production Company / Title 

Locations Utilized 

Incentive Awarded  

Incentive Disbursed 

 Direct Impact 

Indirect Impact 

Direct Job Creation 

Indirect Job Creation