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Production Directory FAQs

MFO Production Directory Common Questions



Q. How much does it cost to list in the MFO Production Directory? 

A. Nothing. Listing with our office is free. You must be a Michigan resident and have a professional credit in the categories listed.

Q. How do I change my information?

A. Log in with your created login id and password and you can update or change anything you want. NOTE: when you log in to your account and make changes your listing will be taken off of the directory until any changes have been approved.

Q. My listing isn’t there after I updated it. What happened? 

A. When you log in to your account and make changes your listing will be taken off of the live public directory until the changes have been approved by the MFO.

Q. What is a login id and password?

A. The login id and password is something that you create when you first create a listing, it is not assigned to you. Please notify our office if you are having troubles signing in. 

Q. I forgot my login id and/or password, what do I do?

A. Just call Lynn McNamara (517) 335-7197 or e-mail mcnamaral@michigan.org and we will provide you with the information you need.

Q. What are credits? 

A. Credits are simply projects you have worked on within the categories you are registering. Everyone that signs up is required to have credits. Credits can be in: Film, Television, Commercials, Music Videos or Industrial or Corporate events (such as the Auto Show or a large festival etc.)  

Q. Is there anything else I can do to market myself or my business? 

A. While everyone who lists on our Production Directory is limited to 2 credits per category, you can upload a file (resume or flyer) to provide further information about yourself or business. You can also keep an eye on our “Jobs and Training” for cast and crew opportunities.

Q. I received an e-mail asking me for credits what should I do? 

A. You can log in with your login id and password to provide those credits. Once you have provided professional credits for every category you signed up under please notify our office for approval. You can call Lynn McNamara (517) 335-7197 or e-mail mcnamaral@michigan.org.  

Q. I don’t see where I would fit.

A. There are two listing types, “Crew” and “Support Services.” Make sure you look through both sets; we have done our best to accommodate most positions and vendors. If there is not a category for you, send us an e-mail (mfo@michigan.org) describing what you do and what category you would like to see added to the directory.