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During any given week here in Michigan, crews are hearing those famous words, "that’s a wrap!", while others are anticipating new projects. Whatever phase Michigan-based productions are in, you’ll find them listed here.

Anticipated Productions

Feature Films

Moontrap 2: Target Earth - MT2 Productions, LLC
email: mt2productionsllc@gmail.com

Crash Course - Silverstone Partners, LLC
phone: TBD
email: TBD

The Middle Distance - The Middle Distance, LLC
phone: (312) 884-9684
email: kevin@dynamitefilmproductions.com

Northern 48 - 400 Monroe Associates
email: colonyfilms@gmail.com

Untitled Superman/Batman - Warner Bros.
phone: TBD
email:  crowncity.prod@hushmail.com or crowncity.prod@gmail.com    

Money is Money - Money is Money Productions, Inc. (On Hold)
email: moneyismoneyresumes@gmail.com

In Production


12 Monkeys - Universal Network Television
phone:  (313) 831-9323
email: 12monkeysresume@gmail.com

Hardcore Pawn - Clocktower Productions

Ask Dr. Nandi - Ask Partha, LLC
Website: www.askdrnandi.com  

Feature Films

Dial a Prayer - DAP Productions, LLC
email: dapthefilm@gmail.com 

The End of the Tour - EOT Film Production, LLC
phone: (616) 942-6975

Digital Media

Blood of the Werewolf - SPE Game One
Original Bethlehem - Original Bethlehem, LLC
Series One - Pixofactor, LLC
Don Cheto - Pixofactor, LLC
Gamekeeper - Pixofactor, LLC

2013/2014 Wrapped Productions


Detroit Rubber Season 2 (Web Series) - 400 Monroe Associates
Low Winter Sun (pilot episode) - Michigan Sun Productions, LLC
Low Winter Sun (season 1) - Michigan Sun Productions, LLC

Feature Films

The Adventures of Mickey Matson & the Pirates Code - Mickey Matson II, LLC
Division 19 - Division 19 Ltd.
It Follows - It Will Follow, Inc.
Bestseller - Misery Bay Films, LLC
Dogman 2: Wrath of the Litter - Dogman Film Associates, ACT II, LLC
Transformers 4 - Paramount Pictures Corporation
A Matter of Faith - MOF Movie, LLC
Papou - Mother and Midwife Pictures, LLC
Need For Speed - NFS Productions, LLC
How to Catch a Monster - HTCM, LLC
Silver Bells - Silver Bells Movie Production, LLC
The Bully Chronicles - The Bully Chronicles, LLC
Needlestick - Needlestick LLC
Parts Per Billion - Parts Per Billion, LLC
Misled - J Squared Productions, LLC
Golden Shoes - Norman Koza Productions LLC
Black Sky - Warner Brothers / New Line Productions, Inc.
Fractured - Fractured-Michigan, LLC
Beside Still Waters - Beside Still Waters, LLC
Only Lovers Left Alive - Bad Blood Films, Inc.
AKA Jimmy Picard - Why Not Productions

Digital Media

Ben Hogan 5 Lessons Interactive Experience - BH Golfing Game Productions, LLC
Ben Hogan 5 Wii - BH Golfing Game Productions, LLC
Detroit Rubber - 400 Monroe Associates
The Castle - Ali & Allen Productions, LLC