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Here are some of the schools in Michigan for film, television, and digital media related programs including state universities, community colleges, and trade schools.

In order to teach a trade, occupation or vocation for a fee or consideration of any kind you must be licensed to operate a proprietary school by the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (Reference: MCL 395.101). We will not be posting training opportunities except from licensed providers. For more information please go to www.michiganps.net

To have your education program posted, please email us at mfo@michigan.org 

The Michigan Film Office does not endorse any postings on this page. We are simply notifying the public of these events, and urge you to use your best judgement regarding participation.


One of the goals of the Michigan Film Office has been to create and put in place educational competencies for all entities planning to offer training to develop new Michigan crew for the growing film industry. 

Michigan Film Industry Job Competencies have been adopted by Michigan Film Office Advisory Council. These competencies are a standard that schools may voluntarily adopt as their measure to insure we have a skilled, trained, and quality educated film production workforce. Students may also refer to them as a guide to insure they are receiving the necessary education to be an effective candidate for a film production job in Michigan.

Link: Michigan Film Industry Competencies (pdf)

When considering a school students may want to ask the following questions as a guide to insuring they receive a quality education that properly prepares them for employment in the film production industry.

  1. Is the school accredited and/ or licensed?
  2. Does the school voluntarily agree to adopt the ‘Michigan Film Industry Job Competencies”?
  3. Does the school have any job placement assistance, how many former students are working in the business, and what type of jobs do they have ?
  4. Does the school have any relationships with the film unions , prospective employers, production houses , or producers?
  5. Are there former students available you can speak with?
  6. What length and costs are the programs they offer?
  7. Are the instructors professionals in the field they are teaching and do they have credits to their name on productions?
  8. Are there any complaints against the school? Were they resolved in a timely and effective manner?
  9. What type of equipment and facility does the school utilize?
  10. Does the school offer specific classes in the field you are planning on entering?

The answer to these questions will help the prospective student make an informed decision as to the best school for their specific needs.

If you have any questions please contact:
The Michigan Film Office
(800) 477-3456 (FILM)

University/College Programs

Trade School Programs