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Crew Opportunities

The following is a list of Michigan crew and job opportunities.

The number of listings received by the Michigan Film Office daily precludes us from conducting a thorough review of the posting organization. These postings are a reference for local filmmakers, crew and actors. It is your responsibility to make sure the people involved in the notice you reply to are legitimate. The Michigan Film Office assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions. All information is the responsibility of the individual making the posting. Appearance on this website does not represent an endorsement by the Michigan Film Office staff.

If you would like to post a job, or crewing opportunity, please email detail to the Michigan Film Office at mfo@michigan.org  

Pixo Group is seeking to hire an in-house 3D Artist/Modeler to work in our Southfield, MI location



The3D Artist/Modeler is responsible for the creationof geometry and textures to be used within standardengines (Unity specifically) for Games, Apps, and Animations. The Modeler is experienced at BOTH High Poly and Low Poly modeling, as well as game-workflow optimization techniques including: proper uv'ing and texture workflows, in order to be used in engine. The Modelermust wear many hats




-At least 3 Years' Work Experience


-Experience in game assetcreation workflows and techniques, scene construction from scratch, and art fundamentals including lighting, composition, and form.


-Experience in standard game workflows and pipelines including: Mesh creation (Modeling) for both High Poly and LowPoly meshes, UV'ing,Baking techniques, Texturing, and Engine (Unity)importing and exporting - to and from standardmodeling packages.


-Proficient in game workflowpackages including: Maya, Zbrush, Topogun,xNormal, nDo2, Photoshop,Unity


-Proficient in both hard surface and basic organicModeling AND Uv'ingffexturing.


-Proficient in OPTIMIZING game-resassets to be imported into Unity with Geometry, Uv's, and Textures.


-Proficiency in modular asset creation with geometry and textures.


-Excellent team player with strong work ethic and attitude.


-Good time management skills and an understanding of milestones, schedules, deadlines, and efficientdevelopment processes


-Self-motivated worker with good communication and collaboration skills





If interested, please forwardyour resume and portfolio to jobs@pixoent.com