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Cast Opportunities

The following is a list of casting opportunities in Michigan, both extras and open auditions. Please note that The Michigan Film Office does not list actors. We advise those individuals with on-screen aspirations to list with one of our local talent agencies.

You may search for Talent Agencies in our Production Directory: CLICK HERE

If you would like to post a casting opportunity, please email details to the Michigan Film Office at mfo@michigan.org. Please indicate if your project is casting union or non-union talent.

For casting calls: Never go alone. Never agree to pay anyone anything for auditions or jobs. You should not be asked to pay to audition for an acting or extra job...EVER! The production company or individual is to pay you for your work. If anything ever seems questionable ask questions before signing up to do the work.

The MFO will only post unpaid Extras casting calls when the approved production has included NO Extras expense line in their Michigan budget. Please contact our office if you have any questions.


Indie Film, ''The Beyonder'' Now Casting

Principal photography for the film THE BEYONDER is being shot in & around Detroit, Michigan.  This film is slated to shoot at the Beginning of December.  This is a SAG-AFTRA short.  We can cast both union and non-union talent for this project.  The shoot will be 3-4 days with a very experienced and well-known team both from Detroit and LA. 

It’s in the vein of A Clockwork Orange & Stand By Me meets an upside down David Lynch.

In 1968 Detroit, an unhappy super-being is born.  So what will happen to the four teens in the year 2032 who decide to find out if The Beyonder is still alive in the empty city? Well, hopefully for them, he’s dead. But what fun would that be?
The Beyonder is surreal, impressionistic, emotional, and frightening.

Character Descriptions
*We prefer teenagers who are 18TPY.
All four teens live just beyond the border of the city. All their lives they’ve lived in the shadow of King Beyonder and the city he rules.
DONRUSS - (LEAD) Smart kid. 15-22 or looks older and can play younger.  Male.  Gets good grades. In school he’s somewhat quiet, but around his friends he takes on a clubhouse president role. Scares easy. Dark or Blonde hair. Pretty much the leader and takes charge in the group. A bit gritty. Like a young Gosling/Bale.
WALLA - Smart kid. 15-22 or looks older and can play younger.  Male.  A follower. Blonde. Scares easy.  An “Aaron Paul” type.
SONATA - Probably the smartest of the four teens.  15-22 or looks older and can play younger. Blonde hair or willing to dye. Sharp features.  Sarcastic. Very intelligent eyes. A bit mysterious... removed. She’s the “hot chick” in the group. The next “Jennifer Lawrence”.
VALERIE - (LEAD) Brown or dark hair or willing to dye. 15-22 or looks older and can play younger. Cautious. Brave. Smart. A bit quiet, but very imaginative. She has an imagination that no person could ever see. Very mysterious. One minute she could be carrying on a conversation with you and the next minute you could slump to the floor from her knifing you. A young Mila Kunis/Natalie Portman.
VAGRANT - Male.  Any ethnicity.  Any age.  He’s a dirty old homeless man that’s lost in translation and has no clue where he’s at.  Likes to talk to himself most of the time.  Gets horrified easily.
FLOATING BURNING WOMAN - Female.  Any ethnicity.  Any age.  Need a character type of actress.  MUST HAVE SERIOUS CHOPS.
BISON MAN - Male.  Any ethnicity.  Any age.  Need a character type of actor.  MUST HAVE SERIOUS CHOPS.

Please send ALL headshots and resumes to