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Cast Opportunities

The following is a list of casting opportunities in Michigan, both extras and open auditions. Please note that The Michigan Film Office does not list actors. We advise those individuals with on-screen aspirations to list with one of our local talent agencies.

You may search for Talent Agencies in our Production Directory: CLICK HERE

If you would like to post a casting opportunity, please email details to the Michigan Film Office at mfo@michigan.org. Please indicate if your project is casting union or non-union talent.

For casting calls: Never go alone. Never agree to pay anyone anything for auditions or jobs. You should not be asked to pay to audition for an acting or extra job...EVER! The production company or individual is to pay you for your work. If anything ever seems questionable ask questions before signing up to do the work.

The MFO will only post unpaid Extras casting calls when the approved production has included NO Extras expense line in their Michigan budget. Please contact our office if you have any questions.


Project Icarus ''Casting Call''


Mother and Midwife Pictures is excited to offer participation in an upcoming documentary for you and your thirteen or fourteen-year-old child. Here is a description of the project: 

In our five-part documentary, we will search the United States for a thirteen-year-old child of high intelligence, charisma, curiosity, and wit to join in our journey into American politics as it exists today. With no previous political views, he or she will be thrust into a world where every idea is new and nothing can be presupposed. The child will meet to talk with fascists, communists, anarchists, Republicans, Democrats, conservatives, liberals, and many more, leaving nothing “too taboo” out of their electrifying interactions. As he or she grows in their understanding of the fundamentals of each political ideology, the child will begin to formulate his or her own questions and perspectives, culminating in an exciting conclusion where we discover which political philosophies ultimately resonate with our heretofore uninitiated young explorer. 

Part reality TV, part social experiment, Icarus will take us on an incredible personal journey into the divisive world of politics and the question of governance. Meant to target both the intellectually curious or casual viewer, the very essence of what we assume will be challenged when our views collide head-to-head with those we think oppose our own.” 


Never has this documentary concept been attempted before and we believe, if successful, may lead to more content like this in the future. We would like for you to imagine that the opportunity we are presenting to your child is very much like the civics class you never had in grade school. We are interested in taking you and your child to various locations within Michigan and throughout the country for talks with some of the best and brightest thinkers in a wide variety of political ideologies. All environments in which the talks will be conducted will be safe and we will always be in compliance with child labor laws. 


As stated above, we are seeking a thirteen or fourteen-year-old boy or girl of any race. This child should not have any political knowledge, or partisanship. We are not outwardly seeking child actors or actresses since this is not meant to appear staged, but those children that may have acting experience might be considered if other qualifications are met. Also required of your child is a high comfort level in front of a camera, confidence in speaking his or her mind, and an interest in learning.  


Important to note is that we want your child to think for his or herself during this journey. We are not interested in altering their opinions directly but rather providing them with the knowledge they themselves must interpret. We also will ask that you not discuss or influence your child during the shoot to ensure the most unbiased educational experience possible. This opportunity is only fit for those parents who trust their children's intelligence and values enough to allow them to experience ideas that might be contrary to their own. Those parents that prefer their children be not exposed to particular political ideas/philosophies may not find this opportunity appealing and should not apply. 


We would also like to compensate your child for his or her time by donating to their college educational fund (if they have such an account setup). All of your lodging, travel, and food will be covered. Shooting will likely take place over approximately thirty days during portions of the last two months of the summer. It may not be consecutive shoot days but some, especially during travel days, will be. We will need a commitment that you and your child will have this time open.  


Rest assured that the director, Michael, is very comfortable working with children and has done so much of his career. You and your child will feel at ease working with him and the rest of the crew while you participate in what is bound to be a fantastic exploration of knowledge. 


If you have any questions, or this opportunity interests you, please contactl Michael at michael@motherandmidwife.com. 




Mother and Midwife Pictures, LLC