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Permits & Important Information


While there is no universal Michigan permit, all jurisdictions have a local permitting process. We are happy to provide the best municipal contacts for permits - just call our office at (800) 477-3456

That being said, here are some general things to consider.

  • Any productions seeking union business agent contacts please click on our List of Unions.

  • Permits are required for production on federal, state, and tribal lands. On federal property, security clearances must be processed with Homeland Security and can require a lead time of three to four weeks for final approval. State property approval must be acquired from the State Department that manages or owns the property.

  • Permits will be required for production on state and county roads and highways. For city and township owned roadways please contact the local municipality for permits.

  • Permits are required for sensitive areas such as state historical sites, military sites, and protected natural areas.

  • Permits and a proper license are required for all pyrotechnics and can be obtained at any Michigan State Police post.


Important Information

Here is some basic information about filming in Michigan.



What's our weather like? Interesting - with all four seasons. Check our charts for all of the information you will need.



There are 7 international and many regional airports. Detroit Metropolitan Airport (DTW) is the largest. Michigan is an 90 minutes from New York, and a 5-hour flight from L.A.



Michigan has rolling hills, flat meadowlands, expansive sand dunes, a range of small mountains in the Western upper Peninsula, farmlands, wetlands, and deep forests. No palm trees. Passenger and freight rails traverse the state and our parks range from deep forests to tall sandy dunes.  



Four of the five Great Lakes surround Michigan. Freshwater lakes and streams are plentiful. You are never more than 30 minutes from a body of water when you are in the state. We have several small port cities, beach towns, and marinas. Michigan is home to over 120 lighthouses, and numerous waterfalls including the Tahquamenon Falls in the Upper Peninsula, the largest waterfall east of the Mississippi.