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Michigan Culture

We're more colorful than you might think.

Inclusive. Diverse. Accommodating. These are three words that paint Michigan’s culture with broad strokes. But a closer look reveals grist for great filmmaking.

Much of Michigan is rich with pastoral charm and the salt-of-the-earth people you’d expect to find in such surroundings. Small-town simplicity. Rural camaraderie. Intense pride. We’re even one of the rare states east of the Mississippi River with Native American reservations and a sizeable indigenous population.

But Michigan is also home to cosmopolitan urbanites. The Detroit Film, Art and Music scenes have nurtured a culture of creativity that is never content to rest on its laurels and fuels itself on a steady diet of re-invention.

With major companies that conduct business worldwide, nationalities from all over the world make Michigan home. And the tendency of the communities here is to strike the balance between assimilation and preservation of heritage. You can readily find it in our Latino, African-American, European and in the largest Middle-Eastern population in the United States.

Of course, no commentary on Michigan’s people would be complete without a mention of the culture of our college towns. From Ann Arbor to Lansing. From Detroit to Big Rapids and all the way up to Marquette in our Upper Peninsula, our college campuses are situated in some of the most picturesque towns in the country. And the cultures that thrive in Michigan’s academia both preserve tradition and evolve with a restless verve.

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